The Committee

Band Committee

The main reason for any of us being in the band is to have fun making music and entertaining audiences. However, behind the public performances there is a huge amount of organisation required to ensure the band keeps running smoothly. To allow Jonathan to concentrate on conducting performances and rehearsals, and rummaging in the conductor’s box for his music, the band has a small team who look after all the administration.

The committee members and roles are:

martinatpavMartin Forward – Librarian

Martin has been our assistant musical director since 1998, and when he isn’t doing that he plays the clarinet. Martin lives in Heathfield, East Sussex and has been playing the clarinet and bass clarinet since 1977. Much of his spare time has been spent either playing in, or leading local bands and orchestras including the Conchord Big Band, A Touch of Class Big Band, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge Concert Band, Little Common Royal British Legion Band and Eastbourne Symphony Orchestra.

After qualifying as an instrumental teacher in 2001, Martin now also coaches young people in the Meridian Band. He is also Musical Director of Second Wind Concert Band in Sevenoaks, Kent.

The East Sussex Concert Band has an extensive library of music which needs constant looking after to make sure everyone has the parts they need for forthcoming concerts and music scores/parts that are no longer required are kept filed away in the correct place. He also keeps an eye out for new music that would be good for us to play. To make sure he doesn’t lose even more hair, this huge job could not be done without the valuable assistance of the other committee members.

sarahSarah Lofthouse – Concerts and Events

Sarah is in charge, assisted by Martin, of organising the concerts we play. She liases with the venues and negotiates and collects our fees. She makes sure that we meet the requirements of the people who run the events that we play at. She also organises the band social events and tours, and makes sure that everybody knows where we are playing and what we are going to play. She also organises deps when they are needed.

joatpavJo Stevens – Deputy Librarian

Jo assists with keeping the library under control and acts as ‘liaison officer’ with our friends in the Adur Band. Jo is a fantastic singer and very good at organising joint band concerts. She also acts as the band’s fashion consultant, and at the moment is developing ideas for a new band uniform to replace the unflattering shapeless things that we wear at the moment.

beckyatpavBecky Hunter – Member without portfolio

Becky is the person who picks up the jobs that no one else on the committee wants to do. She helps out with organising social events and tours, and she also works on the library when necessary. She’s a brick!

Diane Bruce – Finance

Diane looks after the band’s money – she writes most of the cheques and looks after the fees from the gigs we play. She works out the accounts at the end of the financial year as well. How clever is that? She also has the task of making sure that everybody pays their weekly subs. This is not always easy, but she does it very well, chasing up non-payers and making them fork out the following week.

JoPhippardJo Phippard – Logistics

Jo is a strong lad, and is therefore in charge of moving things about. He doesn’t do drum kits though, and who can blame him? He owns a gigantic 4×4, so he transports any music and stands that no one else wants to carry to a concert, as well as any sound equipment needed, the banners and so on. As you can see from the photograph, he is an expert at putting the chairs out before rehearsals, and judging from his smile, you can also tell that he really enjoys this part of his job.